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Take back control, and become empowered.... 

Essential oils are all about empowerment, being able to pick a bottle up and inhale it deeply to change your mood, calm, relax or motivate you.


Rub essential oils into your body to relieve pain, calm skin irritations, open the air ways. 

Ingest essential oils to cleanse your body, aid your digestion, decrease inflammation.... 

When we say there is an oil for anything, we mean it 

So, lets start right at the beginning for you.... An essential oil is a volatile aromatic compound found in some of nature’s most basic gifts (seeds, bark, roots, stems, flowers, plant pieces) that have fantastic benefits on our physical & emotional health and well-being.  

doTERRA means 'Gifts of the Earth" in latin, and that is exactly what essential oils are, they have been put on this earth as one of mother natures greatest assets, with the power to interact with our bodies on a cellular level. 

Our oils are just AMAZING, and anyone that hasn't had the pleasure in testing it out for themselves yet needs to!

I don't have a degree in biology, but i know that quality is important, right - we all want to know what we are putting in and on our bodies and more importantly, our kids bodies, sadly not all oils are created equally.


Be careful, if it’s not a doTERRA Essential Oil. It might be a bottle of synthetic perpetrators faking it! 

doTERRA is the real deal. A brand you can trust backed by science, purity & honesty.

If this is important to you too, you have come to the right place! 


doTERRA is now the largest essential oil company in the world, providing essential oils that appeal to everyone from the novice to the expert, and that can be used safely & effectively. 


We are on an exciting adventure to change the lives of others by providing them with the most potent and pure essential oils in the world.


You have just taken your first step in empowering yourself to take control of your healthcare and become proactive with your wellbeing! 


Welcome to our beautiful world! 

Do you have a fire in your belly to share these oils with everyone you know?

I have good news for you, as a Wellness Advocate you get paid to recommend oils! 

Yes, that is right, share these with people you love, empower them with the oils, and get paid for it. 

My doTERRA journey started the moment I became a mum.

I had this overpowering feeling that I need to do everything in my control to protect this bundle of amazingness that had just come into my life, and for me that started with what medication I gave her because she was born, like many other babies with reflux! 

I will be grateful forever to doTERRA's blend Zengest which not only controlled the Reflux, it gave me the belief in these wonderful and life-changing oils. 

Now, I'm building a doTERRA business with my little ones by my side, I'm so grateful to that I get to work from home, and be my own boss, I get to schedule my business around my kids!! 


I now work on my terms, and I am absolutely loving it! 

Download a free ebook to learn more about how oils can benefit you & your loved ones!

This is a game changer on so many levels! 

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